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26/05/2023 Press release

Ordinary and extraordinary Annual Shareholders’ Meeting of May 26, 2023


Ordinary and extraordinary Annual Shareholders’ Meeting of May 26, 2023

Approval of resolutions approved by the Board of Directors

Very broad shareholder support (89%) for the Climate 2023 Consultative Resolution presented by the Company



Paris, May 26, 2023 – The Combined Shareholder’s Meeting of TotalEnergies SE was held on May 26, 2023, under the chairmanship of Mr. Patrick Pouyanné. The shareholders adopted all the resolutions approved by the Board of Directors, including:

  • Approval of the 2022 financial statements and payment of a global dividend of €3.81 per share (ordinary and special dividend)
  • Renewal of the three-year terms as Director of Ms. Marie-Christine Coisne-Roquette and Mr. Mark Cutifani
  • Appointment for a three-year term of M. Dierk Paskert and Ms. Anelise Lara as Directors
  • Approval of the components of the compensation paid during 2022 or allocated for that year and the compensation policy applicable in 2023 to the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
  • Various delegations of competence and financial authorizations granted to the Board of Directors
  • Removal of double voting rightssupported by almost all shareholders (>99%)

In addition, the Shareholder’s Meeting issued a favorable consultative opinion on the Sustainability & Climate - Progress Report 2023, reporting on the progress made in the implementation of the Company's ambition with respect to sustainable development and energy transition towards carbon neutrality and its related targets by 2030 and complementing this ambition. Shareholders thus voted in favor of the consultative resolution proposed by the Board of Directors by a very large majority, with 89% of the votes cast, confirming the vote expressed by the shareholders in 2022 and the Company's strategy.Conversely, the consultative resolution filed by a group of shareholders concerning indirect scope 3 emissions was rejected by 70% of the votes cast, following the Board's recommendation. The Board of Directors will continue its dialogue with all shareholders concerning the Company's climate strategy.

The full results of the votes as well as the presentations made to shareholders will be available on May 31, 2022, on the website.

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