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17/06/2022 Press release

Norway: Troll and Oseberg partners consider 1 GW offshore wind farm

Stavanger, 17 June 2022TotalEnergies together with the other Troll and Oseberg partners Equinor, Petoro, Shell and ConocoPhillips are looking into possible options for building a floating offshore wind farm in the Troll area some 65 kilometres west of Kollsnes.  


With an installed capacity of about 1 GW and an annual production of 4.3 TWh, Trollvind could make a solid contribution towards electrification of oil and gas installations and also accelerate offshore wind experience and development in Norway.


In 2020, the Norwegian Parliament decided to intensify emission reduction requirements from the Norwegian continental shelf from 40 to 50 percent by 2030. To achieve this target, large-scale industrial point sources, such as offshore installations, must reduce their emissions. Electrification will be key to succeed with this transition.


“We are excited about the possibilities to supply our energy production offshore with new renewable power. This project confirms Norway’s leadership in green energy production and our experience that working together is a value enabler,” says Phil Cunningham, TotalEnergies Managing Director and Country Chair.


Trollvind builds on the technological demonstration plant Hywind Tampen. Whist Hywind Tampen delivers electricity directly to installations offshore, the plan calls for electricity from Trollvind to be transmitted ashore through cables. Electricity will subsequently be delivered to the Troll and Oseberg fields, as well as to Kollsnes, under long-term power contracts ensuring a long-term, stable power price for the licences and providing the wind farm with a guaranteed income for the next 15 years. 

The government has an ambition to use offshore wind power to generate new electricity almost on par with the total amount of electricity produced in Norway today, with plans calling for 30 GW offshore wind by 2040. Trollvind is now being further matured by the Troll and Oseberg partners initiating feasibility studies aimed at an investment decision during 2023. 


About Trollvind:


  • Wind farm in the Troll area some 65 kilometres west of Kollsnes in Vestland county
  • In the order of 1 GW – 4.3 TWh
  • Possible investment decision in 2023, with potential completion of the wind farm in 2027
  • Could deliver power to the Troll and Oseberg installations and the Kollsnes processing plant 
  • Financed through potential long-term power purchase agreements with Troll, Oseberg and Kollsnes
  • Will electrify offshore installations without drawing power from an area grappling with a strained power balance
  • Could ensure a stable long-term power price and reduced business interruption risks for Troll and Oseberg
  • Expertise and infrastructure that can be transferred directly from Hywind Tampen, and a supply industry ready for the next project 
  • Troll and Oseberg licensees: TotalEnergies, Equinor, Petoro, Shell and ConocoPhillips

Trollvind partners will be clarified in the ongoing work process.


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