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12/08/2015 News

Living quarters on the move

The living quarters module was today moved out of the assembly hall in Sweden. Three long trailers and almost 500 wheels were necessary to perform the site move.

The 1500-tonne module was moved approximately 200 metres – through the gate of the assembly hall, through a 180 degree turn and in position in front of Apply Emtunga in Arendal.


“This is our biggest happening in Sweden this year. To see the 23-metre tall module on the move is quite a sight. It also marks the completion of an important project phase for the living quarter team,” says Head of the LQ module, Frederico Becher.

The preparations started with unloading of the trailers on Sunday. Twenty-one smaller trailers were put together to form 3 long trailers of 56 metres each. The trailers were then moved in position under the base frame.

At 08.15 on Wednesday morning, the site move started.

“The first five levels of the LQ module were built inside the workshop, and placed on temporary beams. The three trailers lifted the temporary beams and LQ module approximately 30 centimetres before transporting it outside to a dedicated area. The site move was considered complete when the module was secured on four supports. The final assembly of the three remaining levels, the helideck and the telecom tower will be done here,” explains Construction Lead David Bergeron.

“The site move has been very well prepared by Apply because they are used to do this kind of operation. The critical part was the change of direction outside, as the space is quite limited. But it was done at a very slow speed and went really well, “says Bergeron.